Fall 2008

Humbug Sightings

As the Christmas season rapidly approaches, more and more people have been reporting odd things happening around their homes.
One reader tells the Humbug News about little footprints found on the frosting of a cake she had made the night before.

A well-known collector says that she has been finding tinsel on the living room floor. This would not seem odd except that she hasn't even thought about putting up the tree yet.

We even had one person call with a story about finding little mustaches drawn on all of their postage stamps.

So it appears that the mischief has started. Plus, aside from a large increase in the number of reports of missing keys, there have been sitings of green and yellow "bugs" spotted leaving the scenes of many of these incidents.

In any case, it's probably better to put your keys in your pocket than to place them in some tempting spot like the kitchen counter.
Just remember, Humbug mischief can strike anywhere and at anytime. Most likely it will happen when you least expect it.

Humbugs are everywhere!

A Humbug Christmas
Now on DVD

First there was the book! Now there is the video. Yes, the Humbug has his own DVD in which he sings his new hit song, Diddlely-Do, Diddlely-Dee.

This twelve minute DVD is Produced and Directed by Alex Dean's Dad, Berry, who is one of Hollywood's soon to be hot, hot new movers and shakers.

Along with the Humbug, Tobin Fraley is featured as the narrater and brings a whole new dimension to the Humbug story. Make sure to get the DVD in your next Humbug order and make it a new Holiday Season viewing tradition.

More Talk Back

We would love to hear from you. You can e-mail the Humbug at or you can write to Humbug Publishing, 3612 RFD, Long Grove, IL 60047. Either way we would love to hear from you.

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humbug at the editor's desk
The Humbug

For a very limited time the Humbug has opened his very own store in Long Grove, Illinois. Starting on November 15th and going through the end of December, you can visit the Humbug and see all of the ornaments and other Humbug "stuff."

You can have your Humbug books signed and personalized by Tobin. While in Long Grove stop by the other wonderful stores here in town including Trillium, the Long Grove Confectionery, Trio Boutique, The Artistic Gardener, Woodland Grove Gallery and many other fine stores.


Many people have written in asking if there is only one very busy Humbug. At last we can answer that question with a resounding, "Of Course Not!"

There are as many Humbugs as there are Christmas trees to play pranks in. The Humbug that we are all familiar with just happens to be a very outgoing Humbug and loves the spotlight. It also helps that he had a story written about him.

But he is just one of many. And actually is just one member of his immediate family. His folks are not quite as active as him, but his sister is quite a scamp, so she has decided to get into the act and will be making her debut in a new Humbug story next year. But she couldn't wait 'til then to say hello.

Virginia is for Humbugs

In the state of Virginia, the Humbug has found a great group of folks who know that his antics are only a front for a wonderful and warm-hearted little bug. The Humbug doesn't have an official fan club (yet), but if he did it would probably start somewhere near Reston Virginia.

All of this leads us to say, "Yes Virginia! There is a Humbug."

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