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Midnight Snack
Item #A-001
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Sweet Tooth
Item #A-002
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Ride 'em Cowboy
Item #A-003
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A Winter's Nap
Item #A-004

What a Catch! (NEW)
Item #A-008
The Humbug Ornaments show a few

of theBits of Mischief that the

Humbug canget into while he is

playing around in your tree.

Each Ornament comes with a

Certificate ofAuthenticity,

his own box and a small tag telling

a little about the Humbug

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Item #A-005
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To Drop or Not to Drop
Item #A-006

101 Christmas Pranks (NEW)
Item #A-007

Corralling the Cat (NEW)
Item #A-011

Ho Ho Humbug (NEW)
Item #A-010

Swingin' on a Star (NEW)
Item #A-009


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