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Plush Humbugs
Please take note of the item's name(s) or product number(s) you would like to order and call us at 847-883-8867
with any questions.

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Plush Humbug
Item #A-201

Snoozy Bug
Item #A-298-6

Little Dickens
Item #A-298-5
  as9298-2.jpg (17578 bytes)
Santa Bug
Item #A-298-2
as9298-1.jpg (17111 bytes)
Humbug Bean Bag
Item #A-298-1
as9298-3.jpg (16674 bytes)
Scroogy Bug
Item #A-298-3
as9298-4.jpg (17969 bytes)
Sleepy Bug
Item #A-298-4


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