A Humbug Christmas

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In December 1995, Tobin Fraley turned to his wife, Rachel Perkal, and said, "You know what would make a great Christmas ornament? A Humbug!" Not sure what he was talking about, Rachel asked him to elaborate.

can you find the Humbug? "Well," he said, "A Humbug is a little character that runs around at Christmas time causing all kinds of mischief." It sounded like a pretty cute idea.

The next day, Rachel and Tobin sat down and thought of all kinds of things that this little guy could do to get into trouble. They knew that he couldn't be mean spirited or nasty and had to be cute and cuddly but decidedly mischievous. By the end of the day they had come up with several dozen situations that a Humbug might find himself in. The next step was to figure out exactly what a Humbug looked like.

Tobin went to his drawing board and began to sketch what he thought a Humbug might look like, but it was missing something. Over the course of the next year, the Humbug character changed as a number of artists were consulted about how they would draw this character, thus adding their vision of what a Humbug might be like.

Tobin Fraley and the HumbugYet with all of the input and renderings, it still wasn't right. Tobin then knew that the entire idea needed something else, so he sat down to write a book about a Humbug.

As the story came together he met an artist with a talent for creating sweet characters. He showed her the story and asked her to work on the Humbug. Many months later A Humbug Christmas was ready to go to press. So far, the story and the product line have been tremendous hits with everyone who has seen them.

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